The Chocolate Room


After the massive meal at Taste Of India I was extremely full but my friends still had room for dessert.

 We walked across the street to this lovely Australian café franchise called The Chocolate Room.


For a chilly winter evening, the ambiance was just impeccable – cozy booths, friendly smiles, subtle lighting, chatty teens and the aroma of chocolate and coffee wafting towards you. The café even has chocolates facts and quotes arrayed on their chocolate coloured walls adding to their beautiful decor.



The Chocolate Room offers a vast selection of hot/cold beverages and attractive treats – chocshakes, hot chocolate (over 15 flavours! OMG), choctails, fondue, crepes, sundaes and believe me there’s more to the list!


The boys settled for chocshakes – Cookies & Cream for Daley, Lindt for Mukund and Sam picked an m&m flavoured one. We also chose a slice of chocolate cake to share amongst us.

Cookies and Cream Chocshake OMR 2.800 & Lindt Chocshake OMR 3.000

Each chocshake had a piece of their flavour element resting on top of the whipped cream layer. I did not order any shake but obviously, I had to try all of them. The Cookies and Cream tasted more of biscuit and lacked creaminess yet Daley enjoyed it. The Lindt was splendid; I could actually taste the swiss chocolate in it.

m&m Chocshake OMR 2.800

 I am a big fan of m&m peanuts ergo the last chocolate shake stole my heart. It was like drinking m&m’s! Yeah pretty good stuff here, very smooth.

Chocolate Cake OMR 2.300

The chocolate cake was rich and moist in taste. Presentation wise, it was beautiful with little golden dragees on the creamy top layer of the pastry. The confection was perfect and if I hadn’t had a heavy dinner I would’ve had an entire cake by myself.

 The Chocolate Room is a good choice if you happen to be in the area, the kind of place you might go for a fun evening with your friends to hang out, relax and enjoy some chocolate.

If my review didn’t really convince you then you must check out their website, it is gorgeous and it’s guaranteed to make you take a trip to this dessert heaven.

Total billing for three chocshakes and a slice of chocolate cake: OMR 10.900

  • Ambience: 9/10
  • Service: 8/10
  • Food: 8.5/10
  • Price: 7.5/10


Restaurant: The Chocolate Room

Location: Al Ghubra High Street |Mirbat Tower 1, Muscat, Oman

Restaurant hours: 10.00 AM to 12 midnight, 10.00 AM to 1.00 AM (Thurs), 9.00 AM to 1.00 AM (Fri & Sat)

Contact number: +968 24499922, +968 99332430

Restaurant website: