Chinese Palace


Chinese Palace is one of our favourite food joints in Muscat which serve authentic Chinese cuisine.

The restaurant may not look very fancy from the outside but the interiors give a very pleasant and rustic feel. There are the usual traditional touches of the Orient such as the fish tank, the Chinese paintings and images on the walls and other red and gold furnishings.


 Usually there is only one Chinese native who takes the order and serves customers. On much crowded weekend evenings like today, there was a Chinese lady helping out as well. Most of the customers looked like they were from the far east too.

 Accompanying me on this Asian food adventure were Daley and my blog editor, Karthik.


The menu offers a complex blend of modern interpretations of Chinese food as well as the more authentic Chinese dishes. A compilation of recipes that include mixture of the familiar with touches of the West – ingredients not commonly used in Chinese cooking.

For starters we chose Drums of Heaven, Sweet Corn Chicken Soup (divided in two portions) and steamed Dumplings (Chicken).

Sweet Corn Chicken Soup/2 OMR 1.000

Daley and I split the soup which was very delicious. Sharing the warm broth meant less chicken pieces but it was very tasteful and it didn’t satiate my appetite which was good because I wanted to eat everything else!

Drums of Heaven OMR 1.500

The Drums of Heaven were really really tasty. The chicken was moist and the sweet chilli sauce worked really well with it. They served very little sauce so we had to ask for more.

Steamed Dumplings (Chicken) OMR 1.500

Chinese Palace offers one of the best dumplings I’ve ever tasted. Also known as Jiao Zi, these dumplings were accurately steamed and accompanied by black vinegar sauce. The chicken filling was an absolute delight and the dipping sauce just added immense flavour to the recipe.

The main course comprised of Chicken Fried Hakka Noodles, Fried Rice – Yang Zhou Style and Vegetable Manchurian.

Fried Rice Yang Zhou Style OMR 1.800

Before ordering this, we obviously asked waiter what it consisted of. The second he mentioned chicken franks, Daley agreed. It was a very good choice indeed, the fried rice with chopped sausage, cucumber and carrots tasted extremely good. The sausage gave an amazing flavor to the whole dish.

Vegetable Manchurian OMR 2.200


The Veg Manchurians were unbelievable! The serving portion was good and every bite of the Manchurian was flavoursome. The gravy was thick and gave great company to the fried rice. This dish was flawless.

 Splendid cooking going on here.

Chicken Fried Hakka Noodles OMR 2.000

This was Daley’s choice so he had requested for all vegetables to be removed from this dish. Our Chicken Fried Hakka Noodles comprised of noodles, fried chicken and egg yet it tasted awesome and we managed to finish it all. I’m sure it would have tasted even more better with the veggies.

We wanted fried ice cream for dessert but they didn’t have any and I guess that was my only disappointment of the evening.

Hands down this the best Chinese restaurant in Muscat today. You should all go and eat everything on the menu, go for lunch then go for dinner, you’ll love it. Don’t miss.

 For me at least, it ticks all the right boxes in food, ambience and pricing.

Total billing for three starters, three main courses, two soft drinks and a large bottled water: OMR 10.800

  • Ambience: 8/10
  • Service: 8/10
  • Food: 10/10
  • Price: 9/10


Restaurant: Chinese Palace Fast Food

Location: Al Wadi Center Qurum, Muscat, Oman

Restaurant hours: 11.30 AM to 3.00 PM, 6.30 PM to 11.00 PM

Contact number: +968 9956 3368