Last month we visited the Millennium Resort in Mussanah for a weekend. Located on the coast of the Gulf of Oman, the resort boasts spellbinding panoramic views. This is one of the perfect getaways for the city dwellers.


Daley and I decided to dine at Mydan, one of the four dining options at the resort. The restaurant faces the gorgeous marina and possesses a very elegant atmosphere. Around this time of the year, the evening temperatures are mild and eating outdoors is pleasant. Unfortunately the outdoor seating was completely taken and we had to find a table inside.


Mydan is an all day dining fully licensed restaurant which serves themed buffet for selected days of the week. For the ones who want to try specific dishes, the a la carte menu is also available.

BBQ Sizzle was the theme tonight (Friday). Ah my heart danced a little.

I opted for the buffet and Daley selected Gorgo Chicken Spinach Pasta from the a la carte menu but without the spinach lol. We also chose a bottle of Fuzion Shiraz Malbec to pair it with our meal.

Assortment of breads


Make your own salad

The five course buffet was spread out beautifully in a very classy manner and the variety of food was surprisingly large. Placed there were assortment of breads, soups, make your own salads, prepared salads, sides, starters, grills and stunningly beautiful desserts.

Live Grill

The barbeque mains were cooked at the live grill corner right front of you!

Starters and Sides


Potato salad, Chickpea & Tomato salad, grilled Aubergine, Coleslaw and Raw Papaya salad

I skipped the soup and got some salad for myself. Everything served was fresh and tasted yummy.

I took a bit of everything – chilled coleslaw, raw papaya salad, potato salad, chickpea and tomato salad and grilled aubergine.

I also chose a shrimp salad canapé which tasted bland though the shrimp was well cooked.

Shrimp Salad Canape
Gorgo Chicken Pasta OMR 6.300

Meanwhile the Gorgo Chicken pasta had arrived. This was a simple yet beautiful plate of food with perfectly cooked penne and creamy white sauce. I’m sure it would have tasted brilliant with the spinach too. Daley gave the pasta a parmesan shower before plunging into it. As for the chicken itself – it was tasty and nicely cooked. This was an excellent dish although we would have preferred more pieces of chicken.

Fruit Kabobs

For mains, I had barbequed lamb chops, Kabsa rice and mint chutney. I wanted the grilled tiger prawns but sadly they were over, quiet disappointing at a buffet in a four star resort yeah? For sides, I chose mashed potatoes (with mushroom sauce), corn on the cob and fruit kabobs.

Lamb Chops, Kabsa & Mint Chutney

The lamb chops were fabulous and juicy. They were so good that I went for seconds. Kabsa is believed to be a Saudi dish wherein the rice is cooked with a mix of different spices. My small portion of Kabsa was flavored perfectly and I didn’t even require any gravy with it, the rice wasn’t dry and tasted very good.

The mint chutney on my plate was just for an occasional reminder of how much I love it with every food.

Mashed potatoes with Mushroom sauce & Corn on the cob

The mashed potatoes were made in heaven. The smooth creamy mash was worth all the buttery calories. The mushroom sauce worked fine with it and the corn on the cob was done well too.

Fuzion Shiraz Malbec OMR 14.500

We had chosen Fuzion Shiraz Malbec which was mesmerizingly tasty and crisp. The red wine was easy to drink and paired well with the delicious food we had.



The pie tart
Chocolate Mousse

For desserts, I tried a pie tart whose name I don’t know because there was no name tag (bad foodie I know) and a chocolate mousse. The iced pie tart was soft to touch and tasted superb. It also had sliced almonds and a bit of thick blueberry syrup on it.

The mousse was not that great, oddly it didn’t taste chocolaty.

Double Devil OMR 3.500

Daley ordered the Double Devil which looked absolutely stunning with a splendid chocolate brownie at the bottom and a big scoop of vanilla ice cream on the top. I don’t know if the name double devil was meant for the strawberry and raspberry syrups at the base of the dish. They tasted more like jam, not too fresh. Anyway chocolate brownie was flawless and that kind of worked for us.

Overall the food was polished and tasty. Mydan is a pleasant experience with an incredible setting and very good and professional service. I would definitely come back here!

Total billing for one BBQ Sizzle buffet, one main course dish, one dessert, one bottle of wine and one large bottled water (including taxes): OMR 46.718

  • Ambience: 9.5/10
  • Service: 8/10
  • Food: 8.5/10
  • Price: 7.5/10


Restaurant: Mydan Restaurant

Location: Millennium Resort Mussanah, Oman

Restaurant hours: 24 hours

Contact number: +968 2418 0515

Restaurant website: