A couple of weeks back, I got an invitation for food tasting at this new Indian restaurant in town. Jashn is located in Al Khuwair and belongs to the same group of Puranmal (vegetarian restaurant) although it serves both vegetarian and non vegetarian dishes. I love the food at Puranmal and so I was excited to try out this new venture of theirs.

Jashn is by origin a Hindi term for festivity, merriment and celebration. I personally like the name because India has a festive occasion every other day and for me celebration means tasty food. The restaurant opened its doors on April 4th but I was glad to try it out before others got to!


Jashn has a beautiful décor comprising of bright colors and modern Indian design. The ambience is very welcoming and lively. The staff were well dressed and amiable.


I love this elephant wallpaper! So hep.

Fruit Pani Puri

First we were served a piece of Fruit Pani Puri before our meal. This little delight will be served complimentary to all diners.

It was fresh and delicious. A great way to get everyone excited for the other delicacies ahead.

Next on the list were these two brilliant beverages – Kala Khatta Margarita and Amrud Mary. I’m sure these are Jashn’s signature drinks because they were absolutely fantastic.

Kala Khatta Margarita

Kala Khatta is a popular flavoring syrup for snow cones and popsicles in India. The drink was served in a martini glass topped with a slice of star fruit and salt  on the rim of the glass. The presentation was beautiful and taste was incredible. Once the drink was over, the jamun flavoured crushed ice was left behind and we finished that off with few bites.

Amrud Mary

They called this the Indian version of Bloory Mary, haha. Only this one would get you high on its remarkable taste.

On the streets of India, freshly plucked guavas (amrud) are sold. Sometimes the seller would even cut the guavas into pieces and sprinkle salt and chilli over it. It’s something I’ve loved having during my childhood.

Amrud Mary was the drink version of it. The rim was covered with chilli powder and salt. The guava juice tasted fresh and wonderful and this was such a great reminder of my childhood.

Table Condiments

The table condiments were served in chai glasses for a traditional feel. The glasses were filled with Indian pickle, mint chutney, raw mango chutney, spicy tomato chutney, sliced lime and onions.

Chicken & Dill Shorba

The appetizers started with Chicken & Dill Shorba which was warm and comforting. It had a subtle taste of the dill and the chicken was cooked well. A garlic bread piece comes along with the soup.

Felafel Shikampuri with Khasta Roti and Habanero Raita

The Felafel Sikhampuri is a vegetable patty placed on top of Khasta Roti (Indian bread) and a blob of Habanero Raita on top. It tasted nothing like a falafel although it tasted good. I thought the raita was a little tangy.

Mutton Seekh Wellingdon

The Mutton Seekh Wellingdon was covered in a thin, oily wrap. The meat that resided beneath the wrap tasted incredible and created an almighty spicy kick in every bite. I decided to have it with the raw mango chutney and OMG, the combo was awesome.

Peeli Mirch Ka Murgh

The Peeli Mirch Ka Murgh tasted very much like Malai Kebab. I love Malai Kebabs so I loved this one too although it lacked spice.

Naanza – Jalapenos & Olives, Paneer and 4 Cheese

Naanza was something new to me and I was quite impressed with this invention. These are bite size pizzas but with naan (thin Indian bread) as the base instead of the regular pizza base. It comes in three different types – Jalapenos & Olives, Paneer and 4 cheese. I tried them all and my favourites were the Jalapenos & Olives (really spicy) and 4 cheese.

Crunchy Apple Salad


The Crunchy Apple Salad was our last starter and it was very crunchy indeed. The salad comprised of red, yellow and green very crunchy bell peppers, apples, red cabbage and grated cheese blended well with cream. This was like an inspired version of Russian salad.

Malai Paneer Spheres

For mains, we were first served with Malai Paneer Spheres with Mint Kalimiri. The mint Kalimini gravy is prepared separately and then poured on to the paneer pieces. The cheese was fresh and the slightly flavoured gravy was okay. I found the taste a bit bland though.

Dhingri Dulma

Next was Dhingri Dulma and this is must have for all mushroom lovers. The dish consists of mushrooms and soya beans cooked in spices. It was full of flavour and delivered a brilliant taste. Yummy pudina naans worked very well with it.

Rogan Josh

The next main course dish was even better. Rogan Josh is a famous Indian dish. I’ve tried this a couple of times before in other restaurants and it never tasted this good. The mutton was very soft and the sauce was pleasant and tasy. Definitely recommended.

Splendid mutton dishes cooking in this kitchen here!

Saagwala Murgh

The Saagwala Murgh was tasty. I love the combination of spinach and chicken, it always goes well. The chunks of chicken covered with spinach tasted really good and this is something that will work well with any bread.

Yellow Daal

I am fond of Jeera rice (rice with cumin seeds) but there were way too many cumin seeds in the rice that was brought to me next. The over prominent flavor of jeera didn’t go well with the yellow daal which was really tasty by itself by the way.

I was so full at this point of time but the desserts had just walked in. Ah I forgot about desserts!

Motichoor Kheer

The Motichoor Kheer was delish. This Indian dessert was presented in a martini glass and sprinkled with few motichoor boondi pieces on top.

Aam Panna Sorbet

The Aam Panna Sorbet (raw mangoes sorbet) was good. I had overdosed on the raw mangoes today and my sensitive teeth were feeling sour already.

Halwa – Carrot, Bottle Gourd & Beetroot

The Halwa’s were the best desserts here according to me. Jashn served 3 kinds – the popular Gajar Ka Halwa, Dudhi Halwa and beetroot (this was again was new to me!)

The Gajar Ka Halwa was just crazy. It’s a famous pudding made with carrots, sugar and milk. I could probably survive on this forever. It was very delicious.

The Dudhi halwa (made of bottle gourd) tasted very much like the one my mom makes, sugared and tasty. The beetroot one was deep violet in color, it tasted good but I didn’t taste the beetroot flavour in it.

Paan Cotton Candy

The dinner was done and I was about to pack my camera when this adorable Paan Cotton Candy was placed in front of me. Another dish that will be complimentary to all diners after their meals.

The taste of Paan was good and not strongly overwhelming. It was kind of messy to eat but I loved the idea so much.

Jashn has really tasty food and the menu shows a highly innovative touch in the composition of dishes. It was very enjoyable food tasting experience for me with the creative dishes surprising me one after the other. I know this restaurant is definitely going to do well and I will be coming here quite often!

Location Map
  • Ambience: 8.5/10
  • Service: 9.5/10
  • Food: 9/10


Restaurant: Jashn

Location: Al Khuwair 33, Muscat, Oman

Restaurant hours: Sunday to Saturday, 11.00 AM to 4.00 PM and 7.00 PM to midnight

Contact number: +968 24488521

Restaurant website: http://www.jashnoman.com/