Qureshi Bab-Al-Hind


Qureshi Bab-Al-Hind is a newly opened fine dining restaurant in Oman lead by Ashfaque, Irfan and Imran Qureshi, sons of veteran master chef Imitiaz Qureshi. The Qureshi’s have established businesses in Delhi, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Malaysia and now in Muscat.

 I was accompanied by Ashwini who is as much of a foodie as I am. The restaurant boasts a luxurious Indian decor designed in the most sophisticated way. Rich velvets and chandeliers. Subtle tunes of the flute were played in the background which reminded me of royal palaces.

That’s Vikas, haha


We were greeted by a well dressed staff named Vikas who accompanied us to our table and stayed around to help us  with anything we needed. Vikas was well informed about the Qureshi chain’s history as well as the food and its ingredients.

 The menu has a very huge variety of Indian dishes, especially north Indian delicacies and various Qureshi specials highlighted. For starters we chose a non vegetarian kebab tasting platter from the tandoori selection.

Afghani bread with Dal Qureshi, Dal Fry and Chickpeas Dhaba Style

While we waited for our food, our waiter brought in a tasting platter with Afghani bread and roasted papad. The platter comprised of Dal Fry, Chickpeas dhaba style and Dal qureshi. The bread was tasty and soft.

 Dal Fry was made up of yellow lentils and various spices. It tasted an excellent taste. The chickpeas dhaba style was very tasty, a little inclined towards the spicy end but amazingly well done. Dal Qureshi is a popular dish at the Qureshi restaurants. Ours was really smooth and tasted so brilliant we ordered it as a main course too.

Raw Papaya Pickle, Sweet Chili Chutney, Mint Chutney with Papad

Our table condiments included mint chutney, sweet chilli chutney and raw papaya pickle.

 The chutneys were brilliant. The raw papaya had a hint of sweetness and tasted very good.

Non Vegetarian Kebabs Tasting Platter (Q Special)

Our non veg kebabs platter has arrived and it looked gorgeous. Big plump kebab pieces. This was love.

The dish had an assortment of grilled specialties including Afghani hammour tikka, murgh peshawari tikka, jhinga dum nisha and burrah kebab. The platter was also listed as a Qureshi special.

Everything was wonderfully spiced and beautifully cooked.

Jhinga Num Nisha

Jhinga dum nisha was insane. The prawns were fat, tasty and spiced excellently. If you can handle spicy food you will love this grilled piece of the ocean. The prawns are marinated in cheese, yoghurt and spices before they are slow cooked to perfection.

Afghani Hammour Tikka

I thought the prawn was amazing but the Afghani hammour tikka was even better. The fish was so tender that you could cut with your fork. The spices were blended beautifully resulting in an amazing taste. This one ended up being my favourite.

Murgh Peshawari Tikka

The murgh peshawari tikka was a big fleshy piece of chicken which worked very well with the mint chutney. There was good flavor and it wasn’t dry. The yoghurt and spices marination helped in bringing out rich hearty flavours.

Burrah Kebab

These char grilled lamb chops were tender yet a little dry. It tasted good but I’ve definitely tasted better. The meat lacked juiciness.

Aam Panna Mojito OMR 3.000

It was very kind of the restaurant to offer us complimentary drinks – Aam Panna Mojito and Sharabt E Roohani. Both the drinks were exceptional. The Aam Panna Mojito was made up of raw mangoes with lime, mint leaves, ginger and soda.

Sharabt E Roohani OMR 3.000

Sharabt E Roohani was deep red in color due to the saffron and rose syrup mixed with cranberry juice, cucumber juice and mint leaves. The beverages had an impressive presentation and tasted beautiful.

Dhaab Chingri OMR 9.500


For mains, we chose Dhaab Chingri which was a curry comprising of jumbo sized pieces of gorgeous prawns smothered in coconut cream gravy and scented spices. It tasted very much like the Thai curries because of the coconut. The prawns were done well and the rich sauce tasted wonderful.

Complimentary Bread Basket

Complimentary with the meal was a bread basket which consisted of tandoori roti, tandoori parantha and naans.

Dal Qureshi OMR 6.500

The Dal Qureshi wasn’t much to look at, but it was deliciously rich. The simmered black lentils had a smooth creamy texture and you could totally agree that it tasted like an expensive fancy dal.

 We had the dal with the bread given. At this point of time, we were too full to order rice or biryani. Although I really wanted to taste the biryani, I wanted to leave some space for the dessert too.

Shahi Tukra OMR 3.500

 The shahi tukra was the much awaited treat we were looking forward to. Shahi tukra is a bread pudding where the bread is deep fried and then soaked in flavoured milk. Though it had a very pretty display the taste didn’t meet our expectations. It tasted very good but very similar to the ones I usually have at Begum’s. Nothing extraordinary except for the richness in its quality.

Qureshi Bab-Al-Hind does not possess a Michelin star but it does have a fine cutlery service, a luxurious décor and prices ‘higher-than-your-local-Indian’ to make it worthy of a fine dining classification. We were treated to some flawless service by Vikas and it was very difficult to fault the overall dining experience. It was very good Indian food, with the biggest drawback being the high prices.

Total billing for one starter, two main course dishes, one dessert and one large bottled water(including taxes 17%): OMR 39.780

  • Ambience: 10/10
  • Service: 10/10
  • Food: 9/10
  • Price: 6.5/10


Restaurant: Qureshi Bab-Al-Hind

Location: Behind Bank Muscat HQ, Seeb

Restaurant hours: 12.00 PM to 3.00 PM, 7.00 PM to 11.30 PM

Contact number: +968 24350500