The Jungle


The Jungle is one of the most beautiful dining places in Oman. With the look and feel of an actual rain forest, you can tell that a huge amount of money has been spent in creating this restaurant. This indoor jungle takes your breath away with its lush green plants, artificial rain and animal replicas. After you walk through the pathway in the jungle, the restaurant doors welcome you into a huge cave themed interior.




A few weeks ago I won a contest on The Jungle’s Facebook page that won me a meal at this paradise.

I think I chose the perfect time of the day for a meal here as the daylight helped bring out the best colors of the mini-forest and it gave the diners a stunning view of the same. I just couldn’t stop staring around. The restaurant walls have intricate tribal designs and the furniture is mostly in shades of brown or leopard print to match the colors of the theme.



The Jungle is a multi-cuisine restaurant wherein the menu comprises of Middle Eastern, Indian, Pakistani and Italian dishes. There’s a good number of vegetarian dishes as well.

The menu
Dinosaur’s Egg Drop OMR 2.500

We started our meal with a sweet corn chicken soup named as Dinosaur’s Egg Drop. I tried my best not to think of dinosaurs. The soup was good but it could be better with some more pieces of chicken in it.

Reshmi Kebab OMR 1.500

For appetizers, we selected Reshmi kebab and stuffed tandoori mushrooms. Disappointingly the reshmi kebabs starter was quite a small portion with 3 pieces only and there was no dip/sauce served with it. A small bowl of ketchup was served but no Indian wants ketchup with their kebabs! The chicken lacked spice but still tasted good.

Stuffed Tandoori Mushrooms OMR 1.500


The stuffed tandoori mushrooms had a serving of 4 pieces. The mushrooms are stuffed with cottage cheese and cooked until they form a crisp outer layer. They tasted really good. The menu mentioned that the starter would be served with a mint chutney which unfortunately never arrived.

Watermelon Fizz OMR 1.500

For drinks, I ordered a Watermelon Fizz and a soft drink. The watermelon beverage looked beautiful and tasted amazing.

Our main course comprised of Omnivore burger and lamb Rogan Josh with naan. Fried sausage and barbecued corn on the cob were selected as side dishes.

Omnivore burger OMR 4.000

The omnivore burger was an unsuccessful meat patty between two slices of buns. A good portion of French fries accompanied the burger and condiments included lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, onions and a slice of cheese. The meat lacked freshness and I swear I could cook up a better burger. Again, only ketchup was given as dressing. This dish was really not worth its price.

Barbecued corn on the cob OMR 1.000

The barbecued corn on the cob was too dry and a brush of butter on it would have made it better. I tried sprinkling some salt but that didn’t help.

Fried Sausages OMR 2.500

The fried sausages tasted good. They were accompanied with a good amount of french fries too.

Lamb Rogan Josh OMR 4.500

Thankfully, the lamb rogan josh was delicious. It wasn’t the best rogan josh I’d tasted but definitely better than whatever I had just eaten. The lamb was cooked well, the portion was adequate and the gravy flavoursome.

Chocolate Molten Lava Cake OMR 3.500


For desserts, we ordered a chocolate molten lava cake. It had a very nice presentation and tasted superb. Two small round cakes were served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. The warm chocolate lava oozed out beautifully. The chocolate cake had a very smooth texture. No faults with this dish haha.

The Jungle is a very pretty restaurant with attentive and friendly staff and we had no complaints in terms of service.The pricing isn’t entirely expensive but it isn’t cheap either and there is an additional cheeky 13% tax. Although some of the cooking missed the mark, I see a lot of potential in this restaurant. It has a very stunning ambience that attracts crowd easily but the food definitely needs to be improved.


The restaurant also has a small plant nursery which sells beautiful planted pots and seeds.

Total billing for one soup, two starters, two main courses, two side dishes, two beverages: OMR 26.329

  • Ambience: 11/10 (totally)
  • Service: 7.5/10
  • Food: 5.5/10
  • Price: 5.5/10


Restaurant: The Jungle

Location: Al Qurum, Oman

Restaurant hours: 11.00 AM to 11.00 PM

Contact number: +968 95690658

Restaurant website: