Sombrero is a fusion restaurant with a Mexican touch to their food. The restaurant is situated in the far corner of the Gallery Muscat Mall and since this mall isn’t fully functional yet, not many know about the location. It could get very difficult finding this restaurant.

In fact I didn’t know about the restaurant till I noticed an offer on Alatool Muscat’s website. I love the discount offers given by Alatool Muscat especially the restaurants ones which make it so easy for me to try out new places.



Sombrero has been furnished to boast a Mexican nature of décor – brick walls, dim lights, wooden furniture and vibrant tones of red and orange visible here and there. The kitchen has an open layout that allows diners to watch the chefs at work.



The glass wall at the entrance is covered with colorful post aids – feedback messages from previous diners.


Sombreros and macaras are given by the restaurant if the diners wish to use them as props and take photos while they wait for their food. So we did quite a lot of that because the food took very long to arrive.

Senorita OMR 1.950

The drinks were first to come which included a Cranberry Mint Sangria and two Senorita’s. These were non-alcoholic drinks served chilled. The Senorita which was made up of strawberries, oranges, lime and blended ice was really yummy. It had a sour tinge to it which suited my palette.

Cranberry and Mint Sangria OMR 2.150

The Cranberry Mint Sangria was comprised of cranberry juice and chopped cranberries, mint, apples and oranges. It tasted okay but little watery and I’d go for the Senorita over this one.

Red Bean Nachos OMR 2.750

We ordered Red Bean Nachos and Agave Buffalo Wings for appetizers. The portion is adequate for two servings only. The nachos were tasty with their corn chips covered with cheddar and ranch sauce. They were topped with jalapenos and layered with kidney beans and onions between the nachos. Tastewise, really good!

Agave Buffalo Wings OMR 2.750

The Agave Buffalo Wings had a portion of four pieces resting on shredded spinach with spicy ranch dressing over it. The wings were small sized, not too spicy and very delicious. Before we knew it the starter was finished and I was contemplating if I should or not order another portion of the wings. Then I decided against it because I didn’t want to wait so long for the food.

For mains, we chose Chicken & Jack Cheese Quesadillas, Sombrero Rib-Eye burger and Enchilada Vistosa.

Chicken & Jack Cheese Quesadillas OMR 3.450

The Chicken & Jack Cheese Quesadillas were warm and delicious. The stuffing had grilled chicken and a generous amount of cheese. Accompanying the quesadillas were three condiments – fresh guacamole, fresh salsa and sour cream and I loved all of them especially the guacamole. This was definitely a good dish and I’d have it again the next time I come here.

Sombrero Rib-Eye burger

The Sombrero Rib-Eye burger was not a very big burger yet it was quite filling. A delicious thick patty of rib eye steak sat on a classic bun layered with smoked cheddar, spicy citrus mayo, lettuce and tomato slices. Both the burger and the fries were good, but not the best items here.

Enchilada Vistosa OMR 2.550

The enchilada was filled with Mexican rice, salsa, beans, jack cheese and sour cream. It was tasty but a little messy to eat and the portion was less.

Sombrero’s desserts menu had only two options – Hot Fudge Brownie and Churros Con Chocolate – and we ordered both. The dessert took really long to arrive and I was already feeling hungry again.

Churros Con Chocolate OMR 2.250

First, the cinnamon flavoured churros arrived, plated beautifully and accompanied by a small bowl of melted chocolate. They were crunchy, but they were solid through its core and didn’t haven’t the gooey centre that would have made these more palatable.

Hot Fudge Brownie OMR 3.750

The hot fudge brownie was truly a winner of tonight’s dinner. The chocolate was heavenly. It wasn’t really fudge cake but a hot, thick and delicious mess of oreos, chocolate and vanilla cake. This one again was genuinely worth the wait.

The restaurant also follows a Mexican tradition that allows diners to break plate in case they loved their food to which the staff would reply with a happy “Gracious!”. We broke a few plates LOL

Sombrero is a really nice restaurant with a cozy atmosphere, friendly staff and amazing food but the service needs to improve its pace. There weren’t many customers to justify the delay. The pricing is reasonable though not very cheap, luckily we got a great discount from Alatool Muscat. Overall, Sombrero is great place with some really tasty food!

Total billing for two starters, three main courses, two desserts and three drinks: OMR 28.250 

  • Ambience: 7/10
  • Service: 6/10
  • Food: 8.5/10
  • Price: 7/10


Restaurant: Sombrero

Location: Gallery Muscat Mall, Al Khuwair, Oman

Restaurant hours: 12.00 PM to 11.00 PM

Contact number: +968 2469 2343