Buffalo Wings and Rings


Buffalo Wings and Rings is an American sports restaurant franchise that opened its branch in Muscat last year.

From its entrance on the ground floor to the first level where the restaurant is located, Buffalo Wings and Rings occupies a huge area decked with lime green walls, flashy slogans and more than required number of televisions in every corner. The ambience is very lively, cheerful and attractive.






We ooh’d and aaah’d at the décor for a while before opening the menu which was short and sweet consisting of all American snacks. As you may have guessed, their signature dishes included chicken wings and onion rings.


Buffalo Wings and Rings offers free re-fills for all soft drinks but we wanted to try something else so we ordered a Peach Iced Tea and a Pina Colada. Both were chilled, tasty and gave us a good company while we watched highlights of a recent football that played on the countless TVs around us. We were just waiting for the food actually LOL.

Peach Ice Tea OMR 1.500 and Pina Colada OMR 2.300

We selected the Traditional wings with the original Buffalo flavour (mildly hot because I was sharing this with Daley lol), Onion rings and Buffalo Chicken nachos.


The chicken wings have 8 different sauces to choose from and you can also select the level of spiciness you want in your wings – ranging from mild to atomic hot! This is so cool.


The traditional wings serving came with 10-12 small chicken pieces which were sticky, tangy, easy to eat and succulent. The buffalo sauce was good but too mild for my palate and I prefer the ones at B + F more. Though I would definitely come here again and try the atomic spicy ones. Maybe I’d like them better.

Onion Rings OMR 2.500

The onions rings were my favourite. They were not like the ones you usually get in other restaurants in Muscat. The rings are hand breaded, large, crispy on the surface, soft on the inside and the best I’ve ever eaten. The ranch dressing was a good accompaniment which provided a cool and tangy contrast.

Buffalo Chicken Nachos OMR 3.800

The buffalo chicken nachos consisted of chunks of chicken smothered with buffalo sauce on a bed of fresh nachos and warm cheddar. Jalapenos, tomatoes, onions and olives were also added to mex up this dish! The result was really crunchy and tasty though I would have preferred the chicken chunks to be much smaller.

I think we over-ordered because I was so full and there was still a lot of food remaining.

Mushroom and Mozz Burger meal OMR 5.000

Daley, my brave foodie, wasn’t done yet. He ordered a Mushroom and Mozz Burger which was a beautiful beef patty topped with sautéed mushrooms, onions and a generous amount of mozzarella cheese! I had a bite, of course, and the meat was tender with oodles of flavour! The burger was accompanied with tasty curly fries (separately charged) and chilled yummy slaw. Though it was a delicious burger I don’t think charging OMR 5.000 for it is reasonable.

Buffalo Wings and Rings also offers good value meals to large groups that’s explained under Crowd Control in their menu.


Overall Buffalo Wings and Rings was an enjoyable experience. I loved the food (especially the flawless onion rings), the ambience, the portion size, the friendly and inviting service but the prices seem a little expensive and there are additional tax charges that will be added to your bill. Does the good food make up for it? Give Buffalo Wings and Rings a try and let me know! :)

Total billing (including taxes): OMR 22.914

  • Ambience: 9.5/10
  • Service: 8/10
  • Food: 8/10
  • Price: 7/10


Restaurant: Buffalo Wings and Rings

Location: Shatti Al Qurum, Oman

Restaurant hours: 12:00 PM – Midnight (Sun – Wed), 7.00 PM to 1.00 AM (weekends)

Contact number: +968 93931931

Restaurant website: http://buffalowingsandrings.om/