Slider Station


Slider Station is the first conveyer belt burger joint in the world and thanks to Basil Al Salem, the founder, we are blessed with this gorgeous restaurant in the Middle East. (B+F Roadside Diner is also owned by him).

In Oman, both the restaurants belong to Sadiq Al Lawati and recently he added a new restaurant to his franchisee list – Shabestan which serves authentic Iranian cuisine.

Slider Station can be assessed as an “industrial chic” restaurant which takes on the concept of an American Gas Station in the 40s providing customers a wide range of American tapas, grills and freshly prepared desserts from its in-house chocolateire.



The décor at Slider Station simply oozes cool with its chocolaty interiors, decorative bulbs, barrels supporting their amazing sauce collection and a giant chalkboard with a labeled diagram of beef cuts. The board also holds name of the people who can finish their special Mighty Burger. I didn’t have the appetite for that burger today but inshallah soon :D.

The restaurant also has an outdoor seating area which is open during winters. It faces the beautiful Qurum beach and even the diners can see this view through the glass wall which is on one side of the restaurant.



I adore the food at Slider Station and it’s easily one of my favourite restaurants in Oman. The variety of sliders is crazy and every single one of them tastes different than the other. Today I was accompanied by Daley and his brother Dylan for lunch here and we decided to try the conveyor belt experience.

We ordered Maple Sticky Buffalo Wings, Delta Force Fries and five different sliders. The food was sent to us on the conveyor belt preceded by a table number.

Maple Sticky Buffalo Wings OMR 3.500

The Buffalo wings were so beautiful to look at and tasted even better when we were chewing on its delicious flesh. These wings were really tasty and I like them better than the ones at Buffalo Wings & Rings. Juicy and tender chicken besmeared with sticky sweet maple sauce, this dish will definitely leave you craving for more.

Delta Force Fries OMR 2.950

Delta Force is a bed of fries blanketed with jack and cheddar cheese, grilled onions, jalapenos, westcoast sauce and maple sticky buffalo crisps. The combination of these flavours was truly finger licking good.


This is Sriracha. The hero every food deserves to be kissed with.

Dynamite OMR 0.950

Grilled onions, jalapenos, batter fried chicken, cheddar cheese and Chipotle make up the Dynamite. The flavours were on fleek and it’s hard to eat this little delight with etiquette.

Dangerous OMR 0.950

Dangerous is my favourite slider here and the only slider which has a coloured bread to imply the dangerousness of this little burger and how it makes you fall in love with it irrevocably. Just kidding, that was my logic.

As usual, the slider tasted wonderful with its soft bread (it’s really soft! I mean it!) and its delicious contents comprising of breaded fried chicken with melted Jack cheese, jalapenos, shredded lettuce, chimichurri aioli and loads of Sriracha added by me.

Mushroom & Swiss OMR 0.950

The Mushroom & Swiss slider was simple yet full of flavours with a delightful combination of beef, swiss cheese, grilled mushrooms and onions sandwiched between the soft white bread.

Westcoast OMR 0.950

Westcoast slider is made up of onions, lettuce, tomatoes and chicken drizzled with a generous amount of westcoast sauce. Yumm. The slider yielded a good flavour, but the chicken was a bit dry.

Fire House OMR 0.950

The Fire House included cajun onion strings and pickles covered with firehouse sauce. The crunchy fillings and amazing flavours did not disappoint.

Slider Station is an excellent dine out place with an impressive ambience and great food. The prices are reasonable enough for the flavours delivered and as for the service, I thought it needed to be more attentive. Besides the awesome food, the charm of the restaurant is probably what draws the crowd. Overall we had a pleasant experience and I will happily come here again to try out their other dishes.

Total billing for two starters, five sliders and four soft drinks: OMR 15.540

  • Ambience: 9.5/10
  • Service: 7.5/10
  • Food: 9.5/10
  • Price: 8.5/10


Restaurant: Slider Station

Location: Oasis by the Sea Mall, Jawaharat Al Shatti, Oman

Restaurant hours: 12:30 PM – 11:00 PM

Contact number: +968 24698990

Restaurant website: