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To me, walking into Shuwa Diners was like walking into an art gallery. Walls adorned with beautiful paintings and ceramic handicrafts; the ambience at Shuwa Diners is simply marvelous.This newly opened restaurant serves international cuisines with an interesting blend of Omani flavours. I was invited here last week for dinner along with some other popular names from Oman’s social media circles.

Shuwa Diners is the brainchild of Mr. Raid Sultan, Mr. Ali Abdullatif and Mr. Salah Sultan. They also own Shuwa Express which is Oman’s first Omani fast food joint. It has a similar concept of serving shuwa in sandwiches, burgers and now Shuwa Diners has launched a more exquisite fine dining experience.

We were offered welcome drinks as we took our seats. I don’t remember the names of the drinks but they were fizzy and tasty.

The décor resonates with the feeling of a modern art gallery with comfortable lounge seating. The overhead lights emit soft hues over each of the tables, and the arty works placed strategically around the room add further elegance to the interior. The paintings and ceramics crafts are for sale by the way!







Shuwa is basically roasted meat (mutton or beef) cooked underground in a special oven. The meat is usually marinated with spices and wrapped in palm leaves, placed in sacks and cooked until tender. The special oven is prepared by putting a drum or metal container in a pit. Fire is made in this container and then the sacks of meat are dropped in to it. The container is closed with a lid and pit is covered. The meat is left to slow cook in the fire for 1 – 2 days.

Shuwa Samosa
Crispy Sewya Chicken

So the restaurant’s main recipes involve shuwa. We kicked off our dinner with a serving of Shuwa Samosas and Crispy Sewya Chicken. Both were fantastically delicious and paired very well with sweet chilli and tamarind sauce. I had a couple of servings of the samosas; I have never tasted shuwa stuffed samosas before and these ones were simply amazing.

Caeser Salad with Lamb Shuwa

Caeser Salad with Lamb Shuwa was served next which had the quintessential flavour of the splendid caeser dressing. The shuwa added an exotic flavor to the dish and it was well enjoyed. You can choose the salad with the option of chicken or lamb shuwa.

Qabuli Rice with Chicken


Qabuli Rice with Lamb Shuwa

The Qabuli rice arrived with two meat options: chicken and lamb. Both the recipes were delish and came in good portions. Qabuli is basically an Afghani dish where the rice is steamed along with spices, raisins or carrots which gives it a brown colour. I preferred the qabuli with lamb as the meat was much juicier compared to the chicken.


Finally the much awaited shuwa burgers had arrived. They were mini burgers, six of them and each one completely different from the other.

American Shuwa Burger

I tried the American Shuwa Burger first which constituted a thick shuwa beef patty, onions, jalapenos, ketchup and cheddar cheese. It tasted brilliant!

Next I tried the Pizza Shuwa Burger, and it tasted just like the homemade pizza I cook. Lots of mozzarella and teases of shuwa. Yummy!

Sesame Wasabi Burger

My friend tried the Sesame Wasabi Burger and he thought it was something really innovative, mildly spicy yet delicious.

Fat Chicken Shuwa Burger

I still had space for few more bites, so I tried the Fat Chicken Shuwa Burger. It had the yummiest crispy coating and tasted like a classic chicken burger.

I didn’t get to sample the Volcano Shuwa Burger and the Mexican Shuwa Burger but I’m sure they tasted splendid. Shuwa Diners had done a beautiful job with their highlight dishes for the evening. None of the items were even slightly disappointing and I was having a great time.

Halwa Spring Rolls with Vanilla Ice Cream

Lastly we were served Halwa Spring Rolls with Vanilla Ice Cream. I love the Omani halwa, there’s nothing like it. I’m not too fond of ice cream so I just picked out my nummy halwa rolls and gobbled them up.

The evening ended with a great performance put up by Oman’s upcoming stand-up comedians – Nahil FarajAbbas Al Lawati. I’m glad I was done eating before the fits of laughter began.

Halwa Cheesecake

Before we left, these adorable boxes of Halwa Cheesecake were given to us to take home.This cheesecake is exceptional! A must-try because I’m sure you haven’t tried the Omani halwa in a cheesecake before. The cream cheese is unbelievably soft!

I had a look at the menu as well and I think the rates are very reasonable and not on the higher side.


The service was formal and well-honed. But the food was what shone – Omani accented; it was skilfully constructed with a creative approach. I’m positive that Shuwa Diners is going to do very well with the excellent food it has to offer.

  • Ambience: 9/10
  • Service: 8/10
  • Food: 9/10


Restaurant: Shuwa Diners

Location: Jawaharat Al Shatti, Oman

Restaurant hours: 12.00 PM to 11.00 PM (Sat to Wed), Closed on Fridays for lunch

Contact number: +968 24699976



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