Espressamente illy, Oman


For coffee lovers in Muscat, there is now a coffee heaven located in the Oman Avenues Mall. Illy is already a pretty well known brand of quality espresso coffee and the fact that they have opened their first cafe in Muscat is somewhat of a break from the usual coffee joints around the city.

Illy has over 200 cafes around the world for people to enjoy coffee at its finest.



I was invited last weekend to this chic coffee franchise for some coffee and food tasting.  Apart from coffee, Espressamente Illy also has a wide range of Italian bar cuisine and we were pleasantly surprised by the selection that awaited us!

I was accompanied by my friend, Ashwini and she suggested we start with a cup of cappuccino. The coffee was warm not burning hot and taste wise a perfect blend of bitterness and creaminess.


For food, Ash ordered an omelette and I chose Spicy Chicken Pasta.

The omellette was super fluffy and stuffed with mushrooms, tomatoes, bell peppers and onions. The portion was good and it tasted excellent. But they had no brown bread and that was disappointing.


The Spicy Chicken Pasta was a very well executed dish. It was spaghetti cooked with juicy chicken strips, tomatoes, and mushrooms and completed with mozzarella and chili oil. The result was beautiful, light and delish.

Spicy Chicken Pasta

Both the dishes were accompanied with green salad and a classic Illy coffee.


The waiter recommended to us the Illymisu’ Gourmand for dessert which was a combo deal of their signature dessert illymisu and Espresso Tiramisu. Such a delectable name and description that made it impossible for us to reject.


Piped with little mounds of silky mascarpone cream that is dusted with bitter coffee grounds, the tiramisu here was simply marvelous. This treat was to die for, moist and rich in taste, the tiramisu left a pleasant taste lingering in my mouth. Empty the mini saucer of illy decaf Espresso Sauce and there you have, a perfect tiramisu that actually surpassed the standard fare in Italian bistros.


The Espresso Tiramisu was a cold beverage with a double shot of espresso layered with ice cream (I’m guessing) and cocoa powder. It was tasty, it was flawless and I highly recommend this Illymisu’ Gourmand combo.

Espresso Tiramisu

The service was lovely and our needs were well attended. I thoroughly enjoyed the food and Espressamente illy proved to be a perfectly nice experience.


Whether you are looking for coffee, a meeting spot, a place of relaxation or just a tasty brunch, Espressamente illy will be sure to provide you an authentic Italian café experience.


  • Ambience: 8/10
  • Service: 9/10
  • Food: 9.5/10
  • Price: 9/10


Restaurant: Espressamente Illy

Location: Oman Avenues Mall, Al Ghubra, Oman

Cafe hours: 8.00 AM to 12 midnight

Contact number: +968 92591908