Mango Festival at The Yellow Chilli

With the summer having set in, it is time for mango, a favourite fruit of most. Mango is indeed one of the most popular fruits in the world by virtue of its extraordinary flavour, colour, taste and excellent nutritional properties.

Taking this mango fever to the next level, The Yellow Chilli (TYC) is currently hosting a Mango Festival which will run during the entire month of May 2016. Emulating Sanjeev Kapoor’s pioneered cooking style; Chef Manoj Radi has put together a brilliant menu for all mango lovers.


This was my first time at TYC’s second branch in Oman – at Panorama Mall (the other branch is located in Almouj Muscat). The interiors replicated the contemporary design, a charming and elegant space to occupy a very good number of diners.


Mr. Sayan Ganguly, Marketing Head at Mazaya Oman was kind enough to accompany me at this Mango Festival tasting dinner. Our first interesting flavour experience was the Aam Rass Pani Poori.

Aam Rass Pani Poori


Aam rass is a popular pulp/thick juice made of ripe mangoes with sugar or milk, and is consumed with roti or pooris.

I have tried numerous varieties of pani pooris but this was definitely new. The poori was stuffed with boondi, aam ras (alphonso) and a hint of mint, I think. The dish has a very unique sweet and sour flavour; very delicious and definitely recommended.

Dahi Ke Kebab with Chhundo Chilli Dip

Dahi Ke Kebab was next; it looked like a beautiful string of edible bitterballen, haha. The kebabs comprised of labneh (yes, really!) and were paired with Chhundo Chilli Dip (mango + chilli concoction). I like the Middle Eastern touch of using labneh in this dish. There was nice richness in the kebab and the sauces; decent and nicely prepared.

Mango Mojito

Two special beverages are created for this mango fiesta – Mango Mojito and Aam Panna Cooler. We tried the mojito which was summed by raw mangoes, lime, mint and lots of ice. The first sip was amazingly refreshing but later I found the drink to be too sweet; too sweet for my palate.

Amchur Papad Nachos with Mango Salsa

Amchur Papad Nachos is an interesting snack. For Indians, a chaat item; for others an Indian version of nachos LOL. Dried mango powder or amchur is popular in Indian kitchens. To make amchur unripe mangoes are peeled, stoned, cut into pieces, dried in the sun and then powdered. It has a very tangy flavour.

Mango Salsa

The mango salsa is the best part of this dish – a beautiful blend of yellows from the varieties of mangoes used. Chef Manoj explained that using different varieties yielded different levels of sweetness which made this salsa so exceptional.

Khatti Meethi Nalli Boti

Khatti-Meethi Nalli Boti was definitely my most favourite from the menu. It stole my heart. Literally love at first bite. The mutton was tempered with fennel and onion seeds. Where’s the mango? The reduction sauce consisted of mango pulp which adds to the hint of sourness on the lamb. Overall, a brilliant dish, a must have.

Karari Ambi Jhinga

Karari Ambi Jhinga are filo wrapped tiger prawns deep fried and served dipped in mango tartar sauce in shot glasses. The mango tartar was creamy, tangy and paired so well with the crunchy tasty prawns.

Khatti Tawa Machchi

Khatti Tawa Machchi is Dory marinated with raw mango cream and grilled on the tawa. The grilled fish is then garnished with a good layer of tabouleh and pom seeds. The Dory had a thin layer of crisp and was tender inside. This is another dish by TYC that’s tastes like nothing you have tasted before! Absolutely loved it.

Achari Murgh Tikka

Chicken marinated in mango achaar (pickle)? Is this real? Yes. Achari Murgh Tikka is marinated in raw mango pickle before it is grilled to perfection. This chicken + mango shashlik was divine with a deep and aromatic spiced flavour.

Arvi Aamiya Seekh

 Arvi Aamiya Seekh is a vegetarian healthy dish that is made from taro-roots and green mangoes. It had a rich texture and very homemade essence to it.

Now for the best part of the meal, dessert!


Mango Malai Cream

The Mango Malai Cream was served in a chilled matka. It looked gorgeous with the chopped mangoes toppings. The dessert is inspired by the classic Delhi mango shake. It was creamy and delish!

Mango Cool-Fi

The Mango Cool-Fi was just flawless. It was a classic mango kulfi, very traditional in its preparation, it was particularly pleasing for its taste of authenticity.

TYC provided us with a refined Indian dining experience, the most memorable aspect of which was the skillfulness of how the mangoes were used in each dish. Chef Manoj did an excellent job with the choice of dishes – every single one of them was spectacular.

The prices are reasonable and ambience lovely, TYC is a respectable choice if you happen to be in the area. What are you guys waiting for? Give it a try and you won’t be disappointed.

TYC also has an exclusive dine in style on board their luxury yacht at the Al Mouj Marina. (For more information call +968 94220333)

  • Ambience: 8/10
  • Service: 8.5/10
  • Food: 9/10
  • Price: 8.5/10


Photo Credits : Daley Mathias & The Yellow Chilli

Restaurant: The Yellow Chilli

Location: Panorama Mall, Oman

Restaurant hours: 12 noon to 3.00 pm, 6.00 pm to 10.30 pm

Contact number: +968 2454 1717

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