Iftar Buffet at Trattoria/Mamasan

Trattoria and Mamasan are associate restaurants located in Assalah Towers. If you’re driving by the building, you may not notice it. But you want to visit these cozy food joints, this little sign should help you out.


I was invited for the Ramadan Iftar which is priced at OMR 4.900 per person and is available from 7 PM to midnight.

I reached about around an hour late for the Iftar, most of the people breaking their fast had already left. I wandered in the spacious restaurant clicking pictures of the impressive décor.


Buffet setup



We sat at the Trattoria section; the place goes about bringing a sense of warmth to its interior. The Italian restaurant also functions as a cafe and you could hangout here with your friends and help yourself to some of their amazing treats.



We headed for the buffet. My first disappointment was that the food was not warm; not a good way to start the meal. Also few items listed in the menu were over, including my favourites – hummous and falafel :(


Insalata Mista

The cold Roast Potatoes and Chicken Spring Rolls were actually tasty. When I went for seconds, the food was warm so that eased my mind a little.

Roast Potatoes
Chicken Spring Rolls

The Filetto Di Cernia Alla Rossi (Hammour fish fillet) and the rice dishes were not up to my expectations.

Filetto Di Cernia Alla Rossi
Steamed White Rice and Fried Veg Rice
My Plate

I enjoyed the Insalata Mista (Mixed salad) and Diced Chicken in Schezwan Sauce which had a lovely zing of sweet and sour. All the bread was also over :/ so I had to stick to the rice.

Our beverages – Lemon Mint Juice and Orange Juice were really good.

Assorted Pastries

The desserts didn’t appear very appealing so I decided to skip them.

Clearly the buffet wasn’t appropriately priced for the amount of food given.

The staff was very courteous, the restaurant is so pretty and it has so much potential but my experience was definitely disappointing. I passed over my comments to the concerned staff and just today I heard about the improvements they’ve made to the buffet. Is it worth going again? I guess I’ll just have to go again and find out :)


  • Ambience: 8/10
  • Service: 6/10
  • Food: 5.5/10
  • Price: 5/10


Restaurant: Trattoria & Mamasan

Location: Al Assalah Towers, Muscat Oman

Restaurant hours: 6.00 PM to 1.00 AM (Ramadan Timings)

Contact number: +968 24210451

Restaurant website: http://fourseasonsoman.com/