Chez Sushi

Chez Sushi is a unique, casual and fun Japanese concept based in the UAE. They have been functioning for over 15 years and have extended their franchises to Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Oman.

The Walk in Almouj Muscat has an amazing string of restaurants and cafes lined up one of which is Chez Sushi. There is also another branch of Chez Sushi in Mina Al Fahal, Qurm.

Tuesdays are Let’s Roll Ladies nights at Chez so I decided to compel my fellow foodie, Ashwini to come along with me to the outlet in Almouj. This was also my first try at Japanese food. Chez Sushi also organizes a sushi masterclass every month, now that must be really fun!



The restaurant displays a very spacious hub with a live working station for chefs on one side where you can see them rolling sushi. The ambience is vibrant, cheerful and filled with the aroma of clean healthy food. The booths are accessorized with adorable sushi and edamame cushions (you can even buy them from there!)



The serving staff was extremely courteous in helping me choose my meal. For a first timer, I didn’t quite understand the names in the menu.

So the ladies night offered a 1 + 1 free Let’s Roll sushi choice. The Let’s Roll allows you to choose the ingredients of your custom made sushi. Our waitress sweetly explained us the best ingredients to put together.



There are cooked and raw choices of main ingredients. Our first choice was crab (cooked), prawn tempura, mango and cucumber topped with Spicy Mayo. The result was unbelievably tasty!

Let’s Roll Customized Sushi #1

Our second sushi recipe consisted of mango, cucumber, greens and double crab (the crab shreds are so good!) placed on sesame oil. I liked this even better than the first one! The mango ingredient gave an exotic touch to the sushi and I couldn’t think of a more perfect combination of flavours.

Let’s Roll Customized Sushi #2

There are also different types of bento boxes available. Ash and I shared a chicken teriyaki Bento set which included chicken teriyaki, California maki, green salad, mixed tempura and a bowl of white rice.

Chicken Teriyaki Bento OMR  6.500

The California maki, a delicious roll which was made up of white rice, cooked crab, avocado and sesame seeds tasted fresh and alive with flavour.

California Maki

The chicken teriyaki was tender, juicy and moist. I paired it with the rice. The mixed tempura was great. The batter had a lovely texture that was crispy and crumbly and the insides, juicy.

Chicken Teriyaki
Mixed Tempura

The bento box portions are fairly large for an individual and really satisfying.

Besides this we ordered a bowl of salted Edamame and Prawn Gyoza. Absolutely loved the edamame. The prawn dumplings thrilled with the superb flavours and arresting ingredient combinations.

Edamame with rock salt OMR 1.400
Prawn and Coriander Gyoza OMR 3.200

We also took Nori Chips as a side dish. These are seaweed chips that are crunchy and extremely tasty. I’ll have to see where I can buy these from and stock em at my place.

Nori Chips OMR 1.200

We finished our dinner with a fabulous selection of mochis – green tea and dates. I really loved the green ice cream. Both flavours were sweet and very satisfying.

Mochi – Green Tea & Date Flavour OMR 3.200 for 3 pieces

There were many great aspects to our dinner at Chez Sushi. The location was good, the food was a delight and perhaps the element I enjoyed the most was the incredibly charming service. It was definitely service with a smile. And yes, I’ll be coming here more often now!

My sushi roll and me :)

Our total billing (excluding taxes) : OMR 20.300

  • Ambience: 8/10
  • Service: 9/10
  • Food: 9.5/10
  • Price: 7.5/10


Restaurant: Chez Sushi

Location: The Walk, Almouj Muscat, Oman

Restaurant hours: 12:00 PM– 12 Midnight

Contact number: +968 80078744

Restaurant website: