A Visit to York and Shambles Tavern for Lunch

England is a beautiful place! Visiting cities of this amazing country will leave you in awe. Few weeks ago I made a day trip to York with my friend Sneha. Cobbled lanes, numerous museums and attractions, tea rooms, cozy little pubs and tiny shops define York. The City portrays so much British history influenced by Vikings, Normans, Tudors and Victorians.


First, we visited the Shambles Market which was vibrant and busy with stalls packed  with food, paintings, antiques, scarves and much more. I had to stop by this sweets stall because look at it!


Sneha and I tried the red velvet brownie with cookies n cream frosting and a cookie dough with chocolate brownie. They tasted as beautiful as they looked; extremely sweet and infused with flavours of homemade baking.


The Shambles is an old street lined with tea rooms, boutiques, pubs and bookshops looking for an eatery. We decided to dine at Shambles Tavern, a cosy restaurant which lured us in with the aroma of their traditional home-cooked food. The restaurant is famous for their cask ales which is made at the local breweries.


Shambles Tavern has a mini pub on one end and a tiny dining room on the other. We got a little table to ourselves with comfortable seats. The antique décor in the room made it look beautiful in its own way.





The items on the menu seemed perfect for our famished state. We were too hungry from all that walking around the city. Each of us ordered the special lunch meals – sausage, mash, chips and gravy for Sneha and rib eye steak, mash, gravy and tomatoes for me. While we waited for our food (and yes! It was quite a while since Shambles Tavern believes in serving fresh food ordered to cook at customer’s request) we decided to order ale. Sparkling, crisp and light, local ale is one of the things you definitely have to try when you visit York.


My steak was cooked medium well and it was really juicy. The portion of mash was large. It was smooth, delish with the onion gravy and I was loving every bite of what I was eating.



Sneha’s meal was gorgeous. The sausages were fresh and the mash and chips (yeah, Sneha likes carbs lol) were amazing. Sneha actually finished everything!

Sausage, mash and gravy meal

It was a filling meal and we were so happy to have chosen Shambles Tavern to dine during our trip. The staff were friendly and everything went perfect. Highly recommended :)


Total billing for two lunch meals and two half-glasses of ale: £23

  • Ambience: 8/10
  • Service: 7.5/10
  • Food: 9.5/10
  • Price: 8.5/10



Restaurant: Shambles Tavern

Location: Shambles, York, UK (Postcode: YO1 7LX)

Restaurant hours: 9am-9 Mon-Sat; 10-8 Sun

Contact number: +44 (01904) 633005