One-Minute Recipe: Crust-less Quiche

One of my quick one-minute recipes are here again!

Presenting to you, the Crust-less quiche.

I love quiche, they make the perfect breakfast food – tasty and filling.

Anyhow, this is a quick recipe for a quiche when you have no time to make a crust. The result is surprisingly fluffy and flavoursome.


• 1 large egg
• 1 ½ tablespoons milk
• 1 teaspoon melted, unsalted butter
• Salt and Pepper to taste
• 4 small grape tomatoes, halved
• 1/8 cup torn pieces of fresh bread
• 1 tablespoon grated cheese
• 1 teaspoon fresh or dry herbs (green onions, parsley, basil etc.)
1. Add egg, milk, melted butter, salt, and pepper to a microwave-safe mug; whisk until thoroughly mixed.
2. Add halved grape tomatoes, torn bread, cheese, and chopped herbs on top of egg mixture.
3. Microwave mug on high for 1 minute or until egg is completely cooked and quiche is slightly puffed.
4. Garnish more herbs, salt, and pepper to taste.

You could also toss in some mushrooms, spinach or chicken to make your quiche fancier. Happy eating!