Nasi & Mee Asian Canteen, Chennai


During my recent trip to Chennai, one of the restuarants I really loved included Nasi & Mee.

I visited the oriental food joint with two of my friends on a Sunday evening and it was completely packed. The restaurant had a simple décor and a vibrant, chatty atmosphere similar to a ‘canteen’. I really love that about causal Asian restaurants, the buzz. We waited for about 10 mins before a table was given to us.

Source: Restaurant website

The menu had a really vast variety. For starters we chose Xiao Long Bao Dumplings and Sambal prawns (grills section). The dumplings tasted exceptional and were suggested by our very friendly waiter (whose name I’m so ashamed to have not asked). They were filled with hot flavourful soup and tasted absolutely brilliant. This is the first time I tried dumplings filled with soup instead of chicken or veggies and I’m glad I did. Would definitely recommend these. Such a great start to the meal already!

Xiao Long Bao Dumplings


The Sambal prawns were deliciously spicy. Sambal is a spicy sri Lankan sauce made of chilli pepper and fiery lemongrass and this was used to marinate these beautiful pawns which were then barbecued to perfection.

Sambal Prawns

While we waited for our mains, we browsed through the mocktails menu and ordered ourselves two amazing coolers – Crushed Mint & Lime Soda and Lychee & Lime Spritzer. Both tasted great and paired very well with the food.

For mains, we chose Sweet & Sour Chicken, Hunan Fried Rice and Thai Green Curry. We had the rice and chicken together and that tasted great. The Sweet & Sour chicken was cooked well with bell peppers, onions, tomatoes and pineapple offering a very delectable taste. Nothing overwhelming, just perfect. The rice had exotic flavours of dry chili and pepper spice. The chicken and rice worked excellently together.

IMG_5786 img_5791.jpg


I wanted to order a noodle dish but when I see Thai green curry on the menu, I just feel not okay not ordering it. It’s like mandatory in an Asian restaurant! With sticky jasmine rice, ofcourse.

And I was very pleased with how the curry tasted. It had just the right amount of chicken, veggies and gravy.  It had a smooth texture and tasted typically how a green curry should taste like. Also I loved the button mushrooms in the curry!



I was extremely happy with the dinner that evening. Not a single disappointment. The staff were extremely courteous, the food was smashing and I thoroughly enjoyed my dining experience here. This place is a must try, really!


 Total bill (including taxes):  4266

  • Ambience: 7/10
  • Service: 8.5/10
  • Food: 9.5/10
  • Price: 8/10


Restaurant: Nasi and Mee Asian Canteen

Location: 18/24 Yafa Tower, Khader Nawaskhan Road, Nungambakkam, Chennai 600034

Timings: Breakfast: 830am – 1100am Daily
Mon-Thu: 1200noon – 330pm | 700pm – 1100pm
Fri-Sun: 1200noon – 1100pm

Contact number: +91 44 4854 8222