Scene Indian Street Kitchen


I had been following Scene on Instagram for quite some time now and their beautiful posts always fascinated me. I’d been wanting to visit this Indian fine-dining since I came to Manchester.





The restaurant has beautiful indoor and outdoor seating (by the entrance and the terrace seating by the canal where you can enjoy a good shisha). The interiors were proper stunning. Embodying a contemporary setting with Indian antique-like décor, Scene possesses beautiful décor and furnishings. The restaurant has a beautiful bar.






Two of my friends (Daley and Sneha) and I visited Scene on a weekday for lunch. The restaurant was almost empty; besides our table there were just three others occupied. It was a very quiet, almost dull atmosphere but I was glad we didn’t have to wait for a table.

I knew what I wanted to eat before I even got there. The lunch THALI. I had a real craving after seeing those pictures on Instagram (You can check them out here too!). Daley isn’t a big fan of thalis so I suggested he try something else. Turns out the other lunch options were very limited. So I guess we did not come here at the best time.


While Sneha and I ordered the thali, Daley chose chili chicken.

While we waited for the food, we sipped on our beverages (which comes with the Thali) and a portion of chips. Red wine (house wine) and a kingfisher beer seemed apt for Indian food and it definitely brighten up the dull vibe here.




Two large signature Scene thalis arrived about 20 minutes later. Overall, they had a pleasant aroma and I couldn’t wait to try everything. Generally, thalis in India have about 10 or more items consisting of traditional curries, chapati or poori/rice, sweet dish, a snack and a traditional cool drink. Furthermore, they have unlimited servings as long as you don’t share the thali with another person.

While Scene’s thali was far from being traditional, I get that they’re catering to the likes of the local crowd here. But maybe the locals would like to really enjoy and see if they can finish a real thali (most Indians itself cannot!). The Scene thali consisted of a veg curry, a chicken curry, papad, salad, yogurt raita and rice. The food was warm and comforting but the curries could have done with more flavour. I will not deny that I have definitely had better Indian food in Manchester.



The chili chicken was served with fried rice. It was very tasty and appetizing.



While the ambience was definitely inviting and the staff very courteous, the food wasn’t remarkable. Still gotta give it a shot in the evening and see if the dinner menu offers something that will make me come back here.

  • Ambience: 9/10
  • Service: 8/10
  • Food: 7/10
  • Price: 7/10




Restaurant: Scene Indian Street Kitchen

Location: 4 New Ct St, Manchester M3 3AN, UK

Restaurant hours: Mon – Fri: 11am to 3pm; 4pm to 11pm

Sat: 4pm to 11.30pm and Sun: 3pm to 10pm

Contact number: +44 161 839 3929

Restaurant website: