Dinner at Tampopo: Part 2


I’ve been to Tampopo before and I’ve totally loved the food there. Another invite from this Pan-Asian restaurant got me really excited. The place has a cozy yet vibrant atmosphere. Images of Tampopo can be viewed here, from my last blog post about it.

 Right, gonna dive straight into the food then. We started off with a platter of different starters (taste portions). There was sticky wings, gyoza, coconut prawns, satay chicken and Balinese pork belly. I liked that we got to try a bit of everything. My favourites were gyoza and the coconut prawns, without doubt. The others tasted damn good as well but these two stood out.

Starter Platter

The gyoza were pork filled dumplings that were paired with a soy and chili dip. Cooked to perfection, the dumpling was soft, the stuffing delectable and it left me wanting for more.

Gyoza with soy & chili dip


I’ve already tried coconut prawns before at Tampopo and I was so glad I got too try them again. They were crisp, flavourful and certainly my favourite appetizer at this restaurant.

Coconut Prawns with sweet chili dip


The sticky wings were juicy. I loved the sesame and the soy chili glaze coating the wings. Great flavour.

Sticky Wings

The Balinese pork belly was delicious. It had a very sweet taste because of the cinnamon and nutmeg added to its cooking. The hoisin sauce coating gave a pleasant aroma to the meat. The satay chicken was good but I think the peanut dip dressing was slightly overwhelming. But if you’re a fan of satay, you’d like this dish nevertheless.

 To accompany this great meal, we had a Sangsom & Coke Classic. This was basically Thai rum and coke served in a beach bucket. Totally reminded me of my trip to the Half Moon party. The bucket was to be shared between two, it was strong and the rum was good.



Our mains included Pad Thai noodles and a Beef Rendang. The Pad Thai had chicken, egg, beansprouts, dried shrimps and peanuts. This time the flavor of egg was a bit overwhelming. The dish was still tasty and my partner finished it off completely.

Pad Thai with Chicken & Egg

The Beef Rendang was an interesting dish. The meat is slow-cooked for six hours with coconut, lemongrass, chili, shallots and galangal (a spice similar to ginger). I loved this dish. The flavours were splendid! Rice and roti slices were paired with the dish but I would’ve enjoyed this beef rendang without them too. Just extraordinarily good. There was also some smashed cucumber salad with the dish and that was great as well.

Beef Rendang

My dinner at Tampopo this time was as wonderful as the last time. The food was great. The minor overwhelming flavours did not ruin anything. I loved the service; the staff was very friendly and helpful. The vibe is good, the prices very reasonable and Asian cuisine on a week night is just so satisfying innit? Would I come here again? Yes, all the time!


  • Ambience: 7.5/10
  • Service: 8.5/10
  • Food: 8.5/10
  • Price: 7/10




Restaurant: Tampopo

Location: Corn Exchange Square, Manchester – M4 3TR

Restaurant hours: 12 noon – 11.00 pm

Contact number: +44 01618396484

Restaurant website: www.tampopo.co.uk