Lunch at Mocha, Ahmedabad

Mocha is a café lounge located in the heart of Ahmedabad; perfect for impulsive dining plans. Spacious in its layout and stylishly modern in its décor, Mocha has a vibrant lounge-like ambience with several potted plants around that almost makes it look like an indoor garden. Besides dining, Mocha also serves fresh baked cakes and pastries at the counter for a quick bite or takeaway. I mean look at this one!

There is an indoor and outdoor seating as well as more dining area in the basement making the place really big enough to serve a large number of people. The menu has an impressive selection of food items. There’s breakfast, canteen dishes, appetizers, paninis, pastas and so much more.






For starters, we ordered Jalapeno Hush Puppies. Yeah, I laughed at the name a bit too. But the jalapenos were actually hush, I couldn’t see them LOL. It was more of a mash of jalapenos and cream cheese, coated with panko and deep fried to perfection. Crisp on the outside and super soft inside, they tasted just incredible. A sriracha chunda was given as side dip which tasted similar to thai sweet chili sauce. There were about 8 pieces which I think is a lovely generous portion and also very filling.

Jalapeno Hush Puppies 275


Peach Iced tea 135, Miami Melons 165

Beverages ordered included one peach iced tea and one Miami Melons. The ice tea was too sweet. The Miami melons was a mix of juices from melon and guava and I really loved this one. It tasted absolutely fresh and ravishing.

The main course was a Tandoori Chicken sizzler which was shared by the two of us. The portion was generous. The contents included two large leg pieces of chicken and tava pulao with some spicy mint chutney and raita. The chicken was tender and juicy given it was marinated in hung curd and then slow roasted in the tandoor. The rice was cooked well and tasted very delicious. Overall, the sizzler was definitely a success.

Tandoori Chicken Sizzler 375

Mocha are very active on their social media pages and you can keep yourself updated with all their special offers and new items!

More than anything, the ambience is the best part of this place. I visited Mocha during lunch time and the café looked just lovely! The staff are well informed and courteous. The wait time for the food is pretty reasonable and the food itself is very good. Besides the iced tea, I enjoyed everything Mocha had to offer. Oh, and the prices are quite affordable!


A definite recommendation from my end!

Total billing for one starters, one main course and two drinks (including taxes): INR 998/-

  • Ambience: 9.5/10
  • Service: 9/10
  • Food: 8.5/10
  • Price: 9/10


Restaurant: Mocha

Location: GF 6-9 Devashish Business Park, Ahmedabad, India

Restaurant hours: 11:00 AM – 1.00 AM (Every day except Monday which is until 11PM)

Contact number: +91 9998889997

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