Dhaba-style Pav Bhaji Recipe

Since I’m back at uni, cooking has become a major part of my life. Days are spent trying to cook home food than visiting restaurants (students would understand). Anyway, recently I came across this amazing (and easy) dhaba-style recipe for Pav Bhaji on Get Curried. I could never figure how that dish is cooked. It…

Super Easy Butter Chicken Recipe

Butter Chicken is a restaurant favourite, it is creamy, tasty and full of delicious calories.  I actually saw this recipe on Buzzfeed Tasty and it looked so easy I was tempted to try it. It’s quite simple and guarantees delectable results!

Mixed Berry Smoothie

Yeah I know, I’m sticking to the easy recipes. But that’s what everyone wants LOL Presenting to you, Mixed Berry Smoothie! Which takes approx 5 mins to make.

Carrot Halwa (Gajar Ka Halwa)

So I know a lot of cakes and puddings can be made quickly in the microwave but there aren’t many Indian desserts that are easy to cook up using the microwave.

Chocolate Chip Cookie In A Mug

So continuing with my mug experiments, next I tried the Chocolate Chip Cookie. IN A MINUTE. Now you don’t need to make an entire batch of cookies or wait for hours while your cookies bake because this simple recipe has come as a blessing for all of us.

Nutella Mug Cake

I don’t bake much mainly because I get lazy and I never have the time to go buy all the fancy baking ingredients. And it’s even more difficult when you’re working. If I have a craving to eat something sweet I don’t think about opening the fridge, I just end up going to a cafe…