Chili’s Oman

Chili’s requires no introduction. I have been at this all-American resto numerous times and I’ve always wanted to review their food, not that its needed LOL. I visited their outlet in the QCC branch for lunch.

House of Bite

Formerly known as Love at First Bite, this restaurant is definitely one of my favourites. It is lovely, it exudes a feeling of luxurious comfort and has some brilliant food.

Copper Restaurant

Few months before I left Oman, Copper had just opened. The restaurant oozes industrial chic and it also has three beautiful Harleys placed attractively in the spacious room. Copper has teamed up with Totem so while you wait for your food you may as well have a look at their hep clothing and accessories which…

Chez Sushi

Chez Sushi is a unique, casual and fun Japanese concept based in the UAE. They have been functioning for over 15 years and have extended their franchises to Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Oman. The Walk in Almouj Muscat has an amazing string of restaurants and cafes lined up one of which is Chez Sushi. There…

New Madras Restaurant & Café (Chettinad & Karaikudi)

This tiny hidden gem is located in CBD opposite the Oman Arab Bank. If you look carefully, the bright orange letters should grab your attention. If not for the board, the place looks like a closed office during the daytime.

Dinner at Rossini, The Cave

Rossini is a slick operation run by the Four Seasons Oman group. They also manage O Sole Mio, one of my favourite Italian restaurants in Muscat and so I was really excited to try this new fine dining heaven!

Iftar Buffet at Trattoria/Mamasan

Trattoria and Mamasan are associate restaurants located in Assalah Towers. If you’re driving by the building, you may not notice it. But you want to visit these cozy food joints, this little sign should help you out.

Mango Festival at The Yellow Chilli

With the summer having set in, it is time for mango, a favourite fruit of most. Mango is indeed one of the most popular fruits in the world by virtue of its extraordinary flavour, colour, taste and excellent nutritional properties.